PRS staff works individually and collectively in order to provide the best continuity in educational care. With extensive experience across private and public school settings, our staff understands school systems, effective teaching, and successful learning. By offering a wide range of educational services and using a broad knowledge of educational principles, human behavior, and learning theory we are able to support the intellectual, emotional, and social development of students.

Founding & Senior Partners

Dr. Josh Price

Dr. Josh Price is an experienced, board certified school psychologist who focuses upon the whole child, the evaluation of their abilities and needs, and the development of plans for success.

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Dr. Peter Rastrelli

Dr. Peter Rastrelli currently works on Chicago’s north shore as a board certified school psychologist, involved with assessment, individual and group counseling, and consultation.

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Dr. Tonya Gall

Dr. Tonya Gall is a board certified school psychologist who works to ensure that students’ learning, academic and social-emotional needs are considered paramount.

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Dr. Jessica Douglas

Dr. Jessica Douglas is a nationally certified school psychologist who believes in working collaboratively with parents and teachers to help students achieve social-emotional and academic success.

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