Life has gone by in a blur since we met and Nikki is now well attached to her college. She is very happy, doing well and has made some really good friends. She seems to be working hard and developing some good habits. I want to thank you Dr. Price for making her testing experience such a positive one. You sent her off feeling good about herself and confident that she could succeed. I think she took your study suggestions to heart and is seeking the help she needs. I am so excited for her and appreciative of your support.

Good morning Dr. Rastrelli:
Thank you for your time and all of your great work and insight into our little guy. I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders having a clearer picture of what is going on.

Dr Douglas has helped us navigate the challenging world of ADHD.  Not only did she make hours of testing seem fun and enjoyable to our young son.  But also her articulation of the diagnosis and thorough evaluation enabled us to easily work with school to tailor our son’s education to his strengths and weaknesses. We look forward to our continued relationship with Dr Douglas and working with her in the future.

Dr. Price: My husband and I want to say thank you for meeting with us the other day to go over the testing results. Your description of Max was so helpful and gives us such great insight on how to best support our son. I feel like we now have a true understanding of him, which just makes us so happy. Thank you for making this process so easy and comfortable for Max. He truly enjoyed his time with you.

We have seen J make leaps and bounds this past year and so far the school year is starting off good. J self identified to his entire freshmen class that he has Aspergers which made me so proud. He still hasn’t made any friends at school, but the clubs haven’t started for freshmen so I am hoping he will find like minded kids when he gets involved in a club or two.
All the work he has done and continues to do with your group has moved him right along.
Thanks again,

Dr. Gall, I just thought you might enjoy seeing Paul’s progress report thus far. It is excellent considering how he used to struggle and barely get by. Thanks to the evaluation process, your direct work with him and never ending help and true concern for him, I know this wouldn’t have been possible. Thank you again for all you have done for my son and our family.

Dr. Rastrelli
Most importantly, thanks for your patience and understanding in assisting us in discovering how we can improve our son’s quality of life. We will never forget what you have done for us and will never be able to repay you for the assistance which you have provided.
Thanks for everything,

We have gone through several, different types of evaluations in the past. I have never received so much positive feedback from our variety of private and public professionals. Dr. Gall, your evaluation report of Katie was easily understood and helped us to see that our daughter has many strengths despite the areas she struggles with. Most importantly, your clear guidance and educational plan helped to improve her academic success and self-esteem. Katie’s school team has also been very thankful for your on-going support.

Thanks very much for our meeting on Tuesday evening. I was impressed with how you parsed out the information so that Sam could feel good about himself but also realize that there are areas of weakness that must be addressed.

It’s all too often we hear negative feedback regarding our experiences and overlook the greatness and hope that others bring into our lives. As a mother of a child with unique learning differences, I would like to take a moment to express my sincere gratitude and admiration for you, Dr. Tonya Gall. If it wasn’t for the detailed comprehensive evaluation that you administered on my daughter to identify her areas of strength and weakness, along with the recommended accommodations and modifications presented to the districts’ educational team, my daughter would still be failing every core subject being taught in school. Most importantly, she would not have an IEP that she so desperately needs in order to succeed. You are an invaluable resource and truly an inspiration to all the parents of children with learning differences and in need of special education services. You told me once that it’s your belief that every child can learn. The key is to identify through testing where and why the breakdown in learning has occurred. Only then can we utilize their identified strengths to compensate for their difficulties. Thank you for teaching me how to interpret and use the information from my daughter’s comprehensive evaluation to better understand her disability. Also, thank you for assisting the educational team in writing measurable academic and functional IEP goals and objectives in order to monitor her progress. Because of your efforts, I’m confident my daughter will reach her full potential and have a bright academic future. It’s truly amazing to see the difference your efforts have made in my child. She still asks about you and knows that she will see you again when future testing is needed.

Thank you Dr. Gall for transforming my son’s reading. He has gone from below the 10th percentile in the nation to the 60th percentile in one year. Working with you has resulted not only in academic achievements, but we have also seen a big boost in his self esteem.

Hi Peter,
Thank you so much for taking the time out to talk with me about Kyle yesterday. Just being able to verbally articulate my feelings with regard to his behavior to someone who understands what I’m dealing with was a huge relief. I know that I’ve only just begun, but I think taking that first step is always the hardest. You made me feel very comfortable during our conversation and I am very grateful to you for that.

Dr. Gall, we are so happy with our learning specialist and couldn’t be more pleased! Our son is getting good grades, good test results and seems much more organized and prepared. Her connection with him has really helped him in a way that we have not seen before.

Tonya, thank you so much for coming out to our parent group and speaking. The information was so helpful and practical to so many of our families. You were put on this earth to do what you are doing! You have been so unbelievably helpful to our family and it makes me upset to see others struggling when they can get excellent help as well.

Hello Peter,
I wanted to let you know that I passed the IL bar yesterday. Thank you for all of your help. If you ever encounter a student, whether applying for law school or even in undergraduate or high school, who has questions, let them know that I am available to talk. I helped my good friend’s sister (who has pretty much the same problems that I do) figure out the LSAT and applying to schools. It’s always good to talk to a person who’s been in similar situations.

We had our child tested very late in her high school career and I wondered if it would be worth her time and our money. Dr. Price made the process enjoyable for my daughter and when we met to discuss the results, he gave her some very specific, usable suggestions which she has had no trouble implementing in college. He sent her off feeling good about herself and her strengths and eased any fears I had about her ability to succeed academically. She is thriving and confident . I am certain that her experience with Dr. Price contributed to a first semester that exceeded all our expectations.

Just wanted to let you know that Alex was accepted at NYU today (early decision). You were instrumental in getting us to this point and we want to say thank you! He is absolutely thrilled, as are we, and it will take a while to scrape him off the ceiling!

Thanks again,
B & S