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Educational Therapy

At PRS, Inc., we consider educational therapy to be intensive educational intervention delivered by a specialist trained in learning disabilities (reading, writing and math) and ADHD. Educational therapy addresses the child’s area(s) of academic difficulty by targeting the specific underlying processing deficit(s), such as underdeveloped phonemic awareness, memory, speed, or executive functioning. Educational therapy session focus on direct skill building that capitalizes on the student’s strengths as a means of developing compensatory strategies.

Our learning specialists utilize research-based remedial strategies to ensure academic success while employing multisensory techniques to ensure that all learning pathways are stimulated (visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic). Techniques from different disciplines such as speech therapy, language therapy, occupational therapy, and psychology are incorporated, as needed, to address the special needs of the student. We feel it is important to encourage metacognitive development in our students, as this helps them “know what they know”, in turn enhancing skill generalization and independence.

Executive Functioning Coaching

We have many learning specialists/tutors at PRS, Inc. with advanced training in executive functioning skills. We have found over the years that many students need explicit support to build mature study habits and routines. Our learning specialists/tutors help students learn and apply research-based strategies in areas such as, but not limited to, planning, organization, and time management. Ongoing discussions occur with students to build their accountability and metacognitive skills. Additionally, we value consistent communication between our learning specialists/tutors and the student’s parents and teachers.

Content Tutoring

In addition to remediation and executive functioning coaching, we offer content area tutoring for those students needing additional exposure to curriculum. Our learning specialists will work closely with your child’s teachers to stay one step ahead of what is being taught. Learning specialists will preview upcoming curriculum with your child, providing background information and discussing vocabulary and key concepts ahead of time to build a foundation and give your child confidence heading into new units of study. Our learning specialists will also review curriculum, checking for understanding and reteaching when necessary, to ensure a solid understanding of content.

Why consider educational tutoring/therapy

  • Child continues to struggle despite academic tutoring or parent-teacher interventions
  • Prevent learning problems from developing into social and emotional issues
  • Provide students with the learning tools and strategies they need to become successful and independent learners.
  • Increase self-esteem
    • Acquire explicit instruction, tools and strategies,
    • Help the student feel comfortable within his or her learning environmen

What academic areas are addressed through educational tutoring/therapy?

  • Reading decoding
  • Encoding (spelling)
  • Reading fluency
  • Reading comprehension
  • Written language
  • Mathematics
  • Organization
  • Time management
  • Study skills

How Does educational tutoring/therapy Work?

  • Parent and student interviews to gain understanding of presenting concern
  • Review existing data (e.g., report cards, IEPs, previous evaluations)
  • Appropriately match student with a learning specialist/tutor that can meet his or her educational needs
  • Regularly review progress. *The goal is to see maximum gains in response to support that is consistent and individualized

Why consider Educational Tutoring/Therapy from PRS?

Experienced learning specialists/tutors

  • Trained in the areas of special education, learning differences, reading, written expression, math and/or executive functioning
  • Partake in ongoing professional development
  • Work collaboratively with PRS Board certified psychologists to provide continuity in care

Tailored educational plans and progress reports

  • Use data-driven problem solving approach to develop an intervention plan specific to the student’s individual learning needs
  • Ongoing progress monitoring  and data review
  • Continuous communication and collaboration with parents and teachers

Continuity in care

  • The mission of PRS, Inc. to enhance the continuity in care of each client through consistent collaboration with parents, teachers and other private providers
  • PRS Board certified psychologists provide consultation to learning specialists/tutors

FLEXIBILTY in locations

  • Travel to the client’s home or work in local libraries
    • More convenient for families
    • No additional fee for home visits

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