PRS is pleased to offer a social skills training program. Three different types of groups are offered to students in order to promote appropriate demonstration of social skills across a variety of settings. Depending on their prior social skill experiences, students are placed into one of three age-appropriate groups:

Entry-level social skill groups focus upon the fundamental elementary aspects of social skill development. Skill examples include social entry, conversational skills, conflict resolution, introductions, asking questions, listening, and dealing with trust and teasing issues. Appropriate skill modeling is introduced at this level.

Intermediate social skill groups deal with the application of social skills as they occur in social and academic settings. Students in this group will be better able to generalize and implement strategies they have learned. Multiple examples and demonstrating variations of specific skills take place at the intermediate level.

Advanced social skill groups build from the curriculum introduced during the student’s previous involvement and incorporate the necessary contextual and therapeutic changes to meet the student’s evolving social needs. During this phase of our program, we work with students to branch away from what in the past have been scripted elements of a curriculum. Given their evolving social, emotional, and academic environments, the students bring to the forefront their current successes and struggles and work with each other in discovering positive outlets, supports, and solutions. Additionally, individual counseling sessions with your child are offered to focus upon their specific concerns.

An effort to communicate and support the parental/home component is recognized. At the mid-point of the group’s duration, written summaries and specific recommendations to your child’s progress and needs are provided. At the conclusion of the social skills groups, a face-to-face feedback session is conducted with parents. Optimal conditions are being set forth to maximize the time your child spends in the program. Enrollment is limited and group dynamics will allow for two therapists to be present with the option to split into triads with other students.

For more information specific to the groups offered by PRS, please contact Drs. Josh Price or Peter Rastrelli, Ed.D. at 847-972-0072.

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